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your own     
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I'm totally addicted to Kay's work. The breadth and depth of her knowledge, her wise hands, and vast spirit will keep me coming back forever.
Marilyn Lewis
Kay is the soul of peace and calm. Just being in her presence will lower your blood pressure. And once she gets her hands on you, watch out. Your body will soak in her healing vibes like desert drinks the rain.
Morgan Rowe
After receiving a Thai Massage from Kay, I would recommend her without reservation for the massage of a lifetime. Her knowledge of anatomy, range-of-motion, and deep muscular stretching is unparalleled. I feel like my entire body has been reorganized at a deeper level than can be reached by Shiatsu, deep tissue, or Swedish massage. She is a jewel!
Eric Saylor
I've been a client of Kay's for many years and have watched (and benefited from!) her ever evolving, pure dedication and love of her commitment to health. She continually amazes me with her vigor and pursuit of good health through bodywork. Kay has guided me through several physical challenges with her bodywork and incredible focus on healing. Going to see Kay has been a large and essential part of my health care since I was lucky enough to have found her.
Alicia Jensen Owner,
Studio Jensen Hair Design
Whether it's Swedish, Deep Tissue or Thai massage, Kay's technique is flawless and her touch is magic. Her knowledge, experience and passion for her work are unsurpassed.
I have had the pleasure and benefit of seeing Kay for over six years. Her awareness of and response to the needs of my body, together with the variety of message techniques she uses, has greatly helped he. After a visit to her, I often feel like I am floating on a magic carpet of relaxation.
My big problem with Kay's bodywork is deciding which kind to have! So I rotate them all: Thai, traditional table, and Rossiter. Magic hands, healing heart.

  Kay Rynerson, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lic# MA 00003963, Registered Thai Therapist
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