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Salt Water Taffy Stretch Routine

Comfortable, safe and effective, based on a 2,500-year-old traditional method of stretching clients in Thai massage, this 45-minute routine is based on a theory now adapted for self-stretching. Science explains the workings of the stretch reflex in our bodies, and the Saltwater Taffy method takes advantage of this automatic response, using repetitions rather than long holds. See and feel for yourself the dramatic effects of this dynamic routine.

Refined, road-tested and perfected, these stretches address every muscle group in the body.

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The Passive Stretch DVD: Thai on the Table and More

I've been collecting stretches since 1988, adapting from many different sources, modifying them as needed. These safe and effective stretches have been field tested until each one fills a specific need, addressing every part of the client's body. All can be done with the client draped or clothed, awake or asleep. Depending on your goals, you can work a few stretches into a table massage or create a routine using them all.

In teaching workshops, I continue to be amazed at the creative problem-solving ability of my peers and have shamelessly borrowed, adapted and included our best moves. Our work evolves, adjusts, responds to feedback and is thereby refreshed and revitalized as long as we stay open and willing to explore and change.

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Thumbs Free Massage
Love to do massage but your thumbs are wearing out?

Learn thorough, effective and safe techniques for a full-body massage without ever using them.

As tools, thumbs are just too small for the jobs that we often assign to them. I have had a successful and satisfying career since 1988 doing bodywork without thumbs for the most part, and you are about to learn to work safely and effectively without ever using yours. These techniques, adapted from Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, sports massage, Thai massage and many other modalities, can be incorporated into the work you already do on the massage table. You can use them on your very next client.

This DVD is 90 minutes long, and addresses one side of the body in each position: Prone, supine and side-lying. So, if you were to do all 133 moves on both sides of the body, it would take about three hours.

I'm convinced that once you get started you will naturally make these moves your own: modifying, improving, and making up new ones. Your clients will keep coming back for more.

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